Your Customer’s Priorities Drive the Customer Experience

Working with many business leaders over the years, I’ve seen many well-intended strategies, processes, and nuances built into the operations and decisions of companies.

What is missing as a leading force in these strategies is the customer perspective. Sometimes, we find that the customer doesn’t value the process or “new thing” and frustration within the leadership team builds. They feel that they’ve put the time, money, and effort to make things even better for their customers, yet their customer satisfaction isn’t improving and they are noticing no benefits at all.

The problem? They didn’t take the time to ask the customer about their priorities when working with their company or using their product or service, regardless of vendor.

It’s really that simple, folks. Start asking questions. Ask the questions that make the customer explain the first answer. Really get to know what the customer is concerned about when working with a vendor in your industry or when using the products or services you provide. That is truly the best and most efficient way to mold your operations and products into what your customers will go out of their way to continue buying from you.

Ask what they want, then do everything you can to give it to them. When you give them what they ask for the way they want it, they’ll be your customer for life.

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