Your Customer Is Standing Right In Front of You!!!!

I recently was told a story that was too good not to pass along.

My friend had dropped his daughter off at dance class and went to the pizza place located next door to bring pizza home for dinner.  As he walked in, the two pizza makers were both on the phone taking orders and never looked up at him.  After roughly three or four minutes had passed and the phone continued to ring and still receiving no acknowledgment of his presence in the shop, my friend grabbed a flier off the wall and called the number of the pizza place he was standing in to place his order.  He witnessed the pizza maker answer his call, said “I’m standing right in front of you to place my order.” and was immediately placed on hold!


The pizza maker then motioned for a woman who had been waiting to come forward and pay for her pizzas that were ready.  My friend spoke up and said that he had been waiting to place his order.  The pizza maker responded that my friend was on the phone and he was too busy to wait for him to get off.  My friend responded that he was on the phone with the pizza maker, and was still on hold trying to place his order.

This situation is all too common and we see it in so many varying forms.  People sometimes joke that if it weren’t for their customers, they could actually get their jobs done!  While this is hopefully tongue in cheek, the attitude actually comes through this way to the customer.  The customers can’t ever be taken for granted and need to be served.  Without the customers, we wouldn’t even be in business.

Look at your business practices and examine how they handle your customers.  During busy times, are you properly staffed?  In the above example, clearly not.  If time and resources are limited, rethink the process in which you manage your traffic flow in order to fill the need, but still ALWAYS be there for your customers.

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