Give the People What They Want!

How many products are there out in the world for us to use and consume? Trillions, if not more. How many companies actually ask you what you think of their products? Just a fraction of those trillions. How many companies actually consider and act on the feedback they receive? The number decreases dramatically.

The point is, Dominos has been airing their dirty laundry for the whole world to see in their latest ad campaign to reiterate the fact that they asked, we responded, they considered and acted on that information. They used “The Pizza Turnaround” campaign to show the world that they asked for customer feedback and received feedback that was sometimes hard to listen to. But, they took that information to make a better product.

Like they said in the commercial, many companies don’t like to admit that the are anything less than perfect and hide their faults and imperfections. Dominos clearly points out that they get slammed on their crust and sauce. They then show us that they reformulated their recipes.

We also hear these quotes – “These comments energize us to make it better.” “We want people to love our pizza.” These are the quotes of people within a company that know that they have to do what it takes to succeed.

Dominos understands that unless people like their pizza, no one will buy it and their market share and profits will plummet.

How can you and your organization practice these same principles? If you ask your customers what they think of your products and services, the feedback that you receive will be invaluable. That feedback will tell you exactly what you need to do in order to improve your products and services and to keep your customers coming back for more. Perhaps its the customer service that you deliver that needs improvement. Maybe your products and services are no longer state of the art or need to be fine tuned to keep up with the needs of your customers. If you receive customer feedback and input, be smart and use the information to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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