Win Customers Back by Delivering Excellent Customer Service

“We’ve had customers leave us because of a lower price, then return to us because of the better service we provided.”

This is a direct quote from my interview with Todd Wilson, owner of a lawn care service. He knows that customer value the personal touch and follow up, so he is determined to be sure that everyone in his business delivers on that.

It’s all about how well you communicate with and follow up with the customer. They depend on the service and that is how his business has gained the business that his competition wasn’t willing or able to deliver. Todd’s company happily accepts those customers and takes the money they could have just as easily have spent with his competition.

Watch this brief video to get his perspective….

Studies show that 9% of your customers are being lured away by your competition through discount programs, lower prices, and promotional gimmicks. Todd found that some of his customers came back to him because of the service he delivered.

Remember, there are three ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors – product, price, and service. If the product and price are comparable, let the service you provide be what your customers are willing to go out of their way for to do business with you. It’s far cheaper to keep your existing customer’s business than it is to market to and attract new customers.

Ultimately, like Todd said… “It’s about doing what you said you were going to do.” If you don’t, your customer will find someone else who will.

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