When Customers Smile & Engage, Better Service is Delivered

As a follow up to yesterday’s post, I want to post a great example that happened to me personally yesterday afternoon.

Today is my daughter’s birthday and we went to Blockbuster video to rent any movie that she wanted.  When we approached the counter, I was told that I had a $ 0.40 balance.  I jokingly said ” 40 cents! I can’t afford 40 cents! It’s my daughter’s birthday tomorrow and I have presents to buy! Now I guess college is out too!”  The clerk started laughing out loud.  She joined right in with the joke and offered me a payment plan – 1 cent a day for 40 days!

Then she topped it off by thanking me for making her laugh.  She had been having rough day and was glad for the chance to laugh unexpectedly.

It reiterates the point I made yesterday that the way the customer acts does have an impact on the service that is delivered to us and the engagement we experience.

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