What to Do With Customer Survey Feedback to Improve the Customer Experience

Customer feedback is a critical component of any customer service program.

Customer Feedback Drives the Customer Experience
Customer Feedback Drives the Customer Experience

Today’s successful companies are those that are truly partnering with their customers and integrating their feedback. The smart companies are being

proactive about improving their customer service by asking their customers directly what they can do to retain their business.
In order to truly find out what your customers are thinking about your company and it’s products, just ask them.

Essential steps to take are:

Determine what you want to know – The desired outcomes need to be clearly defined. Anybody can ask customers 10-20 questions, but if they aren’t geared toward uncovering specific information, the benefit to the company or customers is minimal.

Identify the target group – Determine which specific segment of your customers you wish to survey. Once this is done, it is important to capture as much of their feedback as possible.

Develop and conduct the survey – 
More information can be obtained from surveys that are both quantifiable and qualifiable. By having an explanation given for the scale ratings, you will gain the customers reasoning perspective. The results from this initial survey serve as the benchmarks against which improvements and changes will be measured.

Personal follow up – Once the survey has been conducted, follow up with those customers who have given permission to be contacted. Even more information will be gained in conversation and the customer will clearly explain their reasoning and perspective behind their answers. This step also solidifies in the customer’s mind the company’s determination to satisfy their customers.

Implement the changes and resurvey – Integrate the changes or improvements requested in the survey. After enough time has passed for the customers to experience the improvements, resurvey them. Measure the results against the benchmarks obtained in the original survey.

Be certain to distribute the information received from the feedback surveys to all departments in your company. The ultimate customer experience is determined by the integration of efficient teamwork and sharing of customer driven information throughout the organization.

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