What Gives “Gym Goers” More Customer Satisfaction?

There are more health clubs available than ever before to help people achieve their health and fitness goals. But, why do so many of them fail? They simply aren’t looking at their clubs from the perspectives of their customers. Here are five ways to key into the needs of your customers and keep them coming back for more.

Get to know your customers – Learn your customers names. Health club customers generally tend to frequent their clubs at a regular time, so have the scheduled staff know who they see come in regularly. Everyone loves to be greeted by name and with a sense of familiarity after they have been somewhere more than three times.

Get to know their goals – Everyone that uses the health club and it’s facilities is there for one reason or another. Find out what it is and direct them to the right equipment or staff to help them achieve those goals.

Give them the information they need, support, and accountability – Once their goals have been determined, get them the information and support that they need and want. Losing weight, building muscle, lowering blood pressure, increasing fitness and flexibility each have their own nuances and components. Have information, support, and accountability readily available for them.

Give your loyal customers what they want – Pay attention to the services and amenities that your loyal customers use. For the ones that are there day in and day out, ask them what they want to keep them happy. Fitness trends come and go. Be sure that when you are trying to keep up with the latest trend that it steers clear of the world of the loyals. If you decrease amenities or areas that are used on a continual basis, you will lose customers. If no one uses the racquetball courts, then decrease accordingly and use the space to try the newest fad. However, if racquetball courts are used consistently, keep them open and find other areas to try new trends.

Give them a safe, comfortable, clean environment – People generally stay in places where they feel comfortable. Give your health club customers reassurance that you are providing a clean, safe, and comfortable environment to achieve their health and fitness goals. Clean and checked equipment will be much more inviting than equipment that never sees a sanitizer or looks or sounds rusted or neglected.

More people than ever before are making fitness a major part of their daily lives. Health clubs that strive to know their customers and deliver what they want are going to earn the business and referrals from their existing customers.

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