We Are All in Sales….. Like It or Not

The perception of your company’s customer service is only as strong as it’s weakest link.  Where ever that weak link is, that is the point where your customer will make the decision to stay with you or go elsewhere.

Today I’d like to address a point that so many of us forget from time to time……  No matter what your position, you are a salesperson for your company.  The service that you give your customers is a direct reflection on your organization as a whole.  Even the delivery people, phone operators, front desk personnel, everyone who even briefly comes into contact with customers is in sales.  We are all selling the perception of service and relationships in our interactions.

Companies that have truly successful customer relationships have embraced some sort of a corporate culture that ingrains excellent service.  Be it a decision to give a brief warm smile each and every time they pass a customer on the floor, to  developing a service oriented scripted response, each and every interaction gets filed into your customers mind.  All of these interactions form the feelings that the customers get when they interact with your company at any level.

Be sure that everyone in your organization knows the service culture that is desired.  Be sure that they know what is expected of them and give them the tools to deliver that.  One sure way to undermine the best service standards is to have some staff that don’t deliver them.  Make sure that your phone staff, your support staff, your delivery personnel, your sales team, everyone in your company has the same customer service standards.

When the service standards are consistent throughout your organization,  you will set yourself apart as the service leader in your industry.

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