Under Promise – Over Deliver

Have you ever been upset when a company makes a promise that it doesn’t fulfill?  This is one of the easiest ways to lose customers.  Otherwise known as “Over-promising and Under-delivering”, this demonstrates the company’s lack of commitment to follow through and satisfying the needs of their customers.

If your company recognizes the importance of following through on every commitment made, it is on the right track to becoming known as an organization that values its customers.  The company needs to stand behind their employees when promises are made, even in the occasional circumstance when it may cost the company some money.  The mere fact that the promise was kept will go much further in customer retention and satisfaction than the actual dollars lost would have gone in marketing to other customers.

Customer satisfaction levels soar when they perceive things are accomplished ahead of schedule or at a higher level of quality for them.  If you know a process will take two days to complete, tell the customer you will get back to them in three to four days.  That way, you have built in some “fudge-factor” time to account for any unforeseen delays.  Then, when the process is complete, you can them inform your customer that you have fulfilled your promise to them.  They will perceive this as exemplary service on your part, and you now have a positive customer who will give you more referrals, more purchases, and the most important, customer loyalty.  

With access to literally hundreds of thousands to people via social and professional networking online, people will and do take notice of comments that are made regarding service.  You want people to associate good customer service stories with your organization.  The very basic fundamental business of Under-promising and Over-delivering to your customers will increase customer satisfaction and customer loyalty each and every time.

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