Treat Your Customers Well – But ONLY for This ONE Week!

In case you aren’t aware, this is Customer Service Week.  No, you don’t need to go out and buy your customers flowers, (although it would be nice!), but for one week, you need to treat them very well.

That’s right, just for one week, treat them as if you truly value their business.

For this week, get to know their names.  Get to know how your customers use your product or service.  Make sure that they know you appreciate the fact that they are coming to your business and not any of your competitors.

Now, you may have guessed this is a little bit of tongue-in-cheek humor.  While I am glad that Customer Service is getting some well deserved attention, I find it amusing that it is being designated for only one week.

Because you are even reading this post, you are already ahead of 95% of your competitors.  You are focusing on customer service ALL YEAR.  Your customers need to be recognized, valued, and appreciated every day of the year. Customers today are looking for someone who will treat them better than they have been treated before.

By just paying attention to your customers, you will strengthen and build those relationships that will increase customer satisfaction, your profits and sustainability.

And, as always, when you focus on the service you deliver to your customers, they will thank you for it by continuing to spend their dollars with you.

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