Train Your Staff to Improve Like Athletes – Continually

Train Your Staff Like Athletes Do - Continually

When athletes break their own records or win that “big game”, do they stop training for the next event?  No.

Should your customer skills training stop once the staff member has started working in their position after the initial training?  Absolutely not.

In order to keep your staff at the top of their “game,” continual training is necessary to reiterate the importance of focusing on the customer.

Unfortunately, many businesses try to skimp by not investing the time and resources into their staff.  Your staff will only be as good as they currently are should you accept the status quo.  Your customers won’t accept the status quo and you, as the small business owner or leader, shouldn’t either.

Customers are becoming more and more sophisticated and savvy each day.  They know that times are tight and that everyone is fighting to keep their current customers, much less trying to market to and attract new customers.

You must train your staff to deliver excellent customers skills continually and consistently. This demonstrates the commitment that your organization has to deliver superior service each and every time to each and every customer.  Training must be a part of the culture and DNA of your organization and be known as one of the foundation blocks of constant quality improvement.  Companies that train consistently on at least a monthly basis, whether a formal training session or a discussion as part of their regular staff meetings, recognize the level of service continually improving among their staff.

Staff working in continual improvement companies realize that the focus is always on the customer and look for ways to implement their new strategies with customers.  They look forward to sharing the successes and occasional failures with the rest of the team.  Failures are perfect opportunities for discussion to explore what went wrong and why.  How much was in the staff or company’s control?  How much was due to the personality of the customer involved?  Were there outside factors at play?  Any discussion involving strategies and skills for the customer’s best interest works to bring the group together and improve as a team.

So for the businesses and companies that are looking to cut back on expenses and not train their teams to be at their best when interacting with their customers, I offer a word of warning.  You may have adequate skills now, but one of your competitors is looking to “up their game” and woo your customers away.  Keep in mind that 70% of the time, your customers are leaving only because someone in your company didn’t treat them well enough.  How much money does that customer bring into your business over a lifetime?  My bet is that a small investment of time and resources to improve customer service skills won’t even come close to the dollars that are walking out your door.

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