Train Your Staff to be Cheese Experts for Your Customers

Ever been frustrated when you ask someone who works in a place of business about a product and they really can’t answer your questions? Trained associates can help. As detailed in The Gourmet Retailer,  The International Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association (IDDBA), Madison, Wis., has partnered with LearnSomething, Inc. (LS), Tallahassee, Fla., prominent cheese manufacturers DCI Cheese Company, Président and Land O’Lakes, and several major retailers to produce “Cheese: Product Knowledge for Retail Staff.” This is an online training program that teaches cheese and deli department associates how to engage customers and deliver cheese solutions to meet shopper needs.

“Cheese: Product Knowledge for Retail Staff” is a companion to the successful customer service module “Prepare to Serve: Product Solutions for Customers, Fresh Perishable Foods.” The series motivates associates to provide extraordinary customer service on the sales floor and to stay focused on the importance of product knowledge and solution selling.

This approach is one that will serve both the customers and businesses well.  Trained staff greatly increase the customer satisfaction levels because consumers will feel confident in their purchases.  Whether it is cheese, cars, financial services, or components to a forklift, consumers expect knowledgeable answers from those they purchase from.

Better yet, ask your teams what questions they have been receiving from customers.  Design short training sessions around these topics.  Your customers, both internal and external, will thank you for it.

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