Tips to Raise Customer Satisfaction in Your Restaurant – It’s All in the Details

You’ve had a long day, you are exhausted, you are hungry, you don’t feel like cooking, so, you decide to go out to dinner. But, what factors determine where you go? In a recent poll online, many requirements were listed, but the overwhelming majority said that the smallest details raise the satisfaction levels more than anything else.

Personalization – Guests stated overwhelmingly that any personalization that was done was much appreciated. Introduction of each person they came into contact with, smiles, asking about them and their preferences made the patrons feel very comfortable and more than just another person.

Smile and smile often – Patrons stated that a simple smile made them feel better immediately upon entering the restaurant.

Menus – Clean menus that were easy to read and understand ranked highly. Patrons who had children with them appreciated it when the children’s menus were brought to the table without having to ask for them.

Kid friendly – For the restaurants rated “children acceptable” – it was appreciated when crayons, coloring sheets, or some sort of toy was provided readily and happily.

Drink refills – Paying attention to the preferences of the patrons was noticed by almost all respondents. Not having to ask for a refill, having the straw left out or in, the refill being brought in a new glass instead of just refilling the existing one, remembering to bring a slice of lime or lemon are qualities that were mentioned.

Serving of the meals – Getting the correct plate in front of the person who ordered it without mistake or asking. When being served, patrons did not like it when servers would reach across them to place the food on the table unless absolutely necessary.

Status updates – Patrons overwhelmingly agreed that they do prefer to be kept updated on the status of the meal if there is a delay. Some mentioned that if there was an unusual delay, their favorite restaurants sometimes provided an appetizer free of charge.

Checking on meal acceptability – Patrons appreciated it when they were asked if everything tasted good, was made to order, and if there was anything else that they needed. This is the time that corrections can be made to preparation method or temperature of food. Patrons liked it when they are checked on at least three times during the meal, but not more than four.

Special occasions – Patrons appreciated any special attention or gratuity dessert for a special occasion such as a birthday or if the guest mentioned a special event.

Timely and personalized checks – Not having to ask for the check and having the server write a “Thank You” and signed by the server ranked on the preferences.

One respondent related a thought that impressed him – “I went to a new restaurant for the first time last week. I was greeted as if I were in a friend’s home. They paid attention to us throughout the meal and did everything they could to please us. But the finishing touch was when the server brought us the final bill and said “It’s been a pleasure serving you tonight. I hope that you enjoyed your visit here. I hope that you come in again soon. When you do, please ask for my section so that I may cross paths with you again.” Now, that was personalized service!”

All of these tips really amount to one thing, pay attention to the details. When guests are in your restaurant, give them what they are asking for and make note of the preferences of each and every person whenever possible.

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3 Replies to “Tips to Raise Customer Satisfaction in Your Restaurant – It’s All in the Details”

  1. An interesting article read however i must say that this day and age the most important aspect is making customer feel that they are important to the company. How do we do that? We listen to them and hear what they have to say when they say it. This is what restaurants need to do if they are to really see an increase in customer satisfaction. Real time feedback for customers enabling management to act on site to them is something like what the application called Geteco ( ) provides. This is where the big change can be seen. Showing customers you care and are there for them . Cheers 🙂

    Ethan Krane says:
    1. You are absolutely right Ethan. The most important part of any business is the customer. Without the customers, we’d have no product or service to provide at a profit. I like your point about listening to customers. Every business needs to follow your advice on listening to the customers. You can make your customers your business advisors to a point when you listen to them and let them have input how to run it. After all, if they feel valued, they’ll be invested – both financially and emotionally.

      Thanks for stopping by! Please comment again soon 🙂

      Kristina Evey says:
    2. Hi Ethan, interesting comment you made and i fully agree with what you had to say. What caught my eye was you mentioning the Geteco tool as my company just did the same for our restaurant. Amazing how customers react so differences when managers actually respond to their feedback almost immediately on site. Great stuff !! 😛

      Linda Ranielli says:

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