Think and Grow Rich -Increase Your Customer Satisfaction Levels by Staying in Contact with Your Customers

Staying in contact with your customers has many advantages, both for you and for them.

Follow up is an excellent way to remind your clients that you are interested in their satisfaction with your product or service.  Ask them how the project/product is functioning for them and what suggestions or feedback they have.  By doing this, you are also getting excellent feedback to use for further business development on your end.

Email and newsletters are beneficial for reminding customers that you are their first resource for their need.  If you maintain a presence in their mind, they will not need to look for a source other than you.   This serves as profit enhancement for you because you will be first on their mind.

Let your customers and clients know of new products and services that you have available.  Since they came to you before, they will be more likely to explore your entire line or package to further benefit themselves.

It’s good customer service to stay connected to your customers. By keeping a connection with your customers, you are sustaining the relationship that will translate into increased customer satisfaction. They will be reminded that you are looking out for them and want to be on their team.  Being ready, willing, and able to help conveys to your customers that you truly value them and want to be the provider to help them.

The relationship that you build through consistent contact will prove fruitful by way of customer retention and loyalty, both of which will bring increased profits to you and your company.

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