The Customer is Here, How do You Come Across?

When customers physically are in our business or organization, how are they treated?  One of the most important points that I stress is that it is essential to acknowledge customers as soon as possible.  There are few things more aggravating than having to look for a sales person or receptionist to help us.  The customer should be acknowledged within seconds of them walking through the doors.  Eye contact, a smile, a nod of the head, and a genuine verbal welcome tells the customer that you are happy that they are here and that you can help them.

The verbal welcome should be similar to the one you give your guests in your home.  Welcome them inside, offer your name, and ask how you may help them.  An example would be…. “Welcome to XYZ Enterprises.  My name is John Smith.  How may I help you today?”

Notice the wording in these examples above.  Instead of asking how you CAN help them, ask them how you MAY help them.  Everyone knows you most likely CAN, but that simply begs the questions, WILL you actually help them?  By asking them if you MAY help them, it presupposes that you want to help them and will.  A little nuance, but one that speaks volumes to the customer.  Again, to increase your customer satisfaction levels, convey the message that you are eager to help them.

Another thing to consider when customers are in your physical location…  How does the place look?  Customers unconsciously notice everything in their surroundings.  Do you want them to notice the professionalism of your clean and inviting lobby?  The way that the chairs are arranged not too close together, but close enough to have small groups together?  The way that the decor makes them feel relaxed and comfortable?  Or, will they notice the stains on the chairs, the worn paths in the carpet, the peeling wallpaper, the dead leaves on the plants, and the outdated and worn magazines that you have out for display?  The customers will unconsciously notice every detail in their surroundings and this will factor into their feelings when dealing with you and your company.

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