Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Thank you , Thank you , Thank you

In real estate, we hear that success is all about three things, Location, location, and location.

If your, or your company’s, success depends on your customers (which they all do) three things to live (and grow by) are Thank you, thank you, and thank you.

It is amazing how many companies take their customers for granted.  Customers have many more options than they ever have before and most companies forget this.  The smart companies are the ones that recognize this and actually THANK their customers for doing business with them.

Most people have a much easier time remembering instances of poor customer service over excellent customer service.  The ones that do remember positive customer service experience usually tell the tale of receiving a thank you either in person or via a personal note.

“I buy all of my work wardrobe at Ann Taylor at the local mall.  I go in maybe three or four times a year.  Each time I do, the manager at the store spends time with me to see what I really need.  Once, I stopped by and told her that I would be in the next week to spend more time shopping.  She told me that she would hold out a few items in my size for me.  She even told me that it was good that I was coming in the next week since some things would be marked down and she would make note of those for me as well.  After my purchase the following week, she sent me a handwritten note, hand addressed and stamped, saying how happy she was to serve me again and was looking forward to the next time I stopped in.  Now, that is why I don’t shop at Macy’s or Banana Republic.  Carolyn has developed a relationship with me, almost to the point that I would feel guilty shopping anywhere else first.” – Michele L. – Michigan

I often meet clients at a local Panera Bread for informal meetings.  Once, while I was waiting for a client, I noticed a gentleman with two boxes of embossed Thank You notes that he was filling out and addressing.  I spoke with him about his cards, hoping he would tell me what he was doing.  I complimented him on the cards and asked him where I could purchase some.  He told me “I am sending these to all customers that are new to my business this month.  I am a fertilizer distributor and it is a competitive market.  I have had many clients tell me that they come back to me because I sent them a Thank You card after our first transaction.  I do this monthly because I want to truly thank my customers for coming to me.  I tell them that their business is important to me and that I value them and want to keep them coming back.”  He knew that his customer retention was due in large part to paying attention to how his customers felt when doing business with him.  How great his customers must feel to be thanked for doing business with him and his company.

One manager of a medical office in town would send Thank You cards to the new patients in their office.  She knew that there were plenty of other medical offices in town and she wanted to thank them for coming in to their office.  One of the patients told her how much it meant that she had taken the time and energy to send the note with a personal touch.

I was in a restaurant the other day and the server thanked us for coming in and dining with them.  She even went on to say “It was a pleasure to serve you today.  Please come back again soon!”  Now, you don’t hear that very often at all.

All of these stories are told to prove a point – people appreciate being valued and thanked as customers.

Saying “Thank You” was a common courtesy that we were all taught (or supposed to have been taught) as children.   Why is it that we have neglected to show manners to the ones that are paying us for our services or products?

Putting a personal touch will do more for your customer satisfaction levels than any amount of marketing you can do.  You will win these customers for life and they will become a lifetime referral source for you.

Remember, in the world of customer service satisfaction and service excellence…..EVERYTHING COUNTS!

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