Working with Kristina as a consultant nurtured a corporate awareness around establishing a customer focused mindset and culture for our eCommerce business model. With her direction and customer centric expertise, she helped guide us from a task driven service model to a model that serves as a strategic asset for the company. We were able to strengthen the relationships we have with our customers and design experiences centered on making doing business with us simple and easy. Thank you Kristina!

Anna Fontaine

It is my pleasure to recommend Kristina Evey. Her professional yet personal style resonated with our team, which led to varying levels of engagement within our organization. She has worked with our leadership team and was selected as a presenter at our annual sales conference. She is a skilled facilitator and delivers an excellent message while keeping her audience engaged. She takes the time to understand her target audience and tailors her presentations to fit the current needs. Her passion for customer service and experience is evident in all she does. I look forward to future opportunities to partner with Kristina.

Becky Ploeg

We interviewed three companies to help us with our customer experience development. Those companies were; Disney, Zingtrain and Kristina. Our team decided on Kristina because they felt she the was best qualified to help. We have been overwhelmed with the knowledge and expertise Kristina brought to Applied Imaging. Our customer retention is very high at 98.7%, but we felt we could improve the customer experience. She is a very gifted communicator and speaker. She has helped us build that perfect customer experience. We continue to work with Kristina to develop the systems and process’s as part of our on boarding for new employees. I recommend Kristina to any company looking to deliver a “WOW” service experience to their customers.

John Lowery

Symplicity Communications hired Kristina Evey to develop a positive customer experience company wide. Kristina has been fantastic to work with and we’ve implemented standards and best practices that are noticeable to our clients. She has assisted us with standardized language through our department correspondence, consistent mission and value message with each employee, and client satisfaction trouble shooting. Kristina has been a huge contributor to help build the excellent client satisfaction reputation that Symplicity is known for.

Catherine Lazarock

Businesses and organizations need people who have vision and can guide them to the successful achievement of that vision. Kristina will measurably add value to any organization that will choose to use her services, embrace her knowledge and incorporate her advice. The results will be a measurable retention of customers and greater satisfaction of staff serving your customers.

Bruce R. Matza

Kristina’s expertise in health care and customer service goals creates a unique quality that blends all aspects of business to ensure positive customer experiences. She has excellent skills in creating and sustaining long term business relationships.

Tom Peterson, MD

Kristina is an absolute delight as a group speaker! The wisdom level imparted within a brief time frame leaves the audience clamoring for more. Her message was poignant, extremely knowledgeable and perfect for the occasion. She has a unique talent for immediately establishing a comfort level with listeners. I kept wishing my whole company team had been there.

Dan Banta

Kristina analyzes the functionality of the business and service from the perspective of the customer. She stresses that all levels must present a united mindset in order to have a successful customer service program.

Theresa Osborne, MD

Customer Focus is what Kristina emphasizes in all areas of business. If the needs of the customer are not being addressed, the process will be restructured.

Steven Linder

Kristina quickly acknowledges how important it is for our company to have an excellent customer relationship. She supplied us with the goals necessary to build our confidence to strengthen our relationships with these tougher clients. By following her advice, we have improved our relationships with all customers. Kristina taught us to be proactive in customer service and how to make the necessary decisions not to be destructive in a crisis situation.

Mike Conkright