Strengthen Your Customer Relationships

An article in yesterday’s, Best Practice PR:Keeping Customers reinforces the fact that successful businesses are looking for ways to develop sustainable relationships with their customers. These relationships are what fuels customer retention, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty.

Consumers today are buying relationships, not products.  Your products and services can be purchased from more than one source.  The relationship comes into play when you personalize the experience for your customer. The relationship that comes with it is the difference that makes the difference to the customer.  People choose their personal relationships by selecting those that make them feel good.  The same principle transfers to business as well.  When we feel good about people or a situation, we gravitate toward that.

Personalizing the experience for your customers is a way to ensure that your customers feel considered and valued.  And when we feel considered and valued, the relationship strengthens, when relationships are strong, we are loyal!

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