Staff Recognition Ultimately Benefits Your Customers

Want your staff to improve their customer service skills and deliver excellent service?  Then give them a pat on the back for their efforts.

Staff Recognition Benefits Your Custome

All small business owners dream of having stellar customer service marks, increasing profits and customer retention, and developing sustainable customer loyalty.

One way to practically ensure these outcomes is to value and praise your staff – your internal customers.

By valuing and praising your staff, you are recognizing a job well done and promoting the ideals and service standards you want others to display. Because their practices are recognized, it gives the individual a feeling of pride and ownership in their responsibilities. This concept translates into excellent customer service being delivered.

When we praise our staff and team members, they realize that we are paying attention to them and recognize the fact that they have done something well. Everyone likes to know that they are doing a good job. The great thing is that people tend to repeat the same behavior that brought the praise. By focusing on what people do well, excellent customer service it is brought to the center of attention conveyed that it is expected, valued, and recognized.

Behavior rewarded is behavior repeated

I think that simply acknowledging and appreciating superior service sits in the staff mind as a reward.  By having leadership recognize their efforts and performance, they are much more likely to repeat the same actions to receive the same affirmations repeatedly.  Everyone appreciates a pat on the back.

Some companies give staff pins to wear displaying their efforts for excellent service. It is a sense of pride that comes through when wearing these pins or symbols because it signifies that they have been recognized and that they are the best of the best and have risen to high standards.

By praising and valuing our team members, we are also valuing our customers. The behavior and attitudes that we are rewarding in our staff is exactly what we want our customers to see. We reward our customers by having the best possible teams in place to serve them. To have the best staff, we need to acknowledge the excellent work that they do in order for them to see a benefit to continue displaying the same performance. This pays off in terms of high levels of customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and retention. Increased profits are the end result of a job well done.

2 Replies to “Staff Recognition Ultimately Benefits Your Customers”

  1. I understand your point, and I won’t disagree, but I think we lose the meaning of the word customer when we apply it to everyone on the planet. The relationships of the business owner to staff is NOT one of customership.

    Internal customers are different entities that exchange value for value, but lacking the power relationships that exist between manager/owner and employee. It IS different. Way different when translated into real world behavior.

    1. You bring up a very interesting point, Robert. They do exchange value for value and I see your differentiation between the two concepts. I use it to reiterate to business leaders that the staff – internal customers – are dependent upon them to fulfill their needs for direction, leadership, and purpose to better serve those – the external customer- that are dependent upon the business to fulfill a need that is filled by the product or service they are selling.

      I agree that the word customer loses emphasis when applied universally. I do think that it affords a necessary nuance for specific situations and to increase the perspective of the leaders and their responsibilities to their staff.

      So glad you stopped by to comment. Please continue to do so. I’m looking forward to getting to know bot you and your viewpoints better.

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