Progress toward Customer Satisfaction daily

Want to know how to give perfect customer satisfaction?  By recognizing that it is PROGRESS, not perfection that counts.

I recently met with a client who was having issues with his team and with staff morale.  He seemed a bit overwhelmed by our discussion. Recognizing that there were many areas that needed attention, he threw up his arms and asked “How is any of this going to make a difference when we need to to so many things? It’s just too big of a task!”

Progress is what counts, not perfection.  Customers will appreciate any attempts to satisfy them and make them happy.  As with any task or goal that appears to be overwhelming, break it down into chunks.  Break those chunks down even further if necessary to make those manageable.  The point is, start with one area, make it a habit, then move on to the next.

Customers are more demanding today, but they do recognize and appreciate good customer service.  Get ideas from those in your company that interact face to face with customers.  Better yet, get feedback from your actual customers and try to implement some of their suggestions.  They will feel valued that you are asking for their input and will feel better yet when and if it is implemented.

Customer satisfaction and good customer satisfaction are goals that every company should strive toward.  Take steps each and every day to do this and your customers WILL come back.

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