Patience is a Virtue!

I just wanted to dedicate a special blog post to the folks at  I spent almost two hours on the phone with tech support at today with some issues regarding my email account.  Doug, the tech, was more patient that I would have expected. I had already spent quite a bit of time on the phone with a friend of mine regarding this issue and was already frustrated by the time I was in contact with GoDaddy.

Let me start off by saying Customer Service is my game, not computers or anything that it takes to make them work.  So, I do know enough to make me dangerous, but not entirely effective.  Doug walked me through the different settings on my account with the patience of a saint.  He checked and rechecked all of my settings through their system, some of the settings on my computer, and offered more suggestions that I could follow once we were off of the phone.

Doug’s patience and appreciation for my lack of technical savviness clearly came through in his layman’s explanations of what he thought the challenges were.

The bottom line is, customer satisfaction levels will soar when you have people on your teams that can quickly identify with the perspective of the customer.  If you are flexible in your explanations, chances are that your customers will have a better understanding of what your company does and how to address different challenges.

Again, hats off to Doug and the folks at!

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