Overlooking Your Best Customers? Pay Attention to Them, or Someone Else Will!

Customer Revenue
Customer Revenue

Identify your top clients and best customers.

When I work with clients, I often contact their top 25% revenue producing customers and the lowest 25% revenue producing customers.  I do this because I want to speak to those customers directly and find out what they like the least and the best about doing business with my clients.  It opens up a dialogue from which many things are learned about how to tailor the business to keep the customers coming back year after year.

During this process, many clients realize that they haven’t contacted their best customers for quite some time.  One recent client was surprised at who her top 25% revenue producing clients actually are.  She said to me, “Had I realized that this one customer actually spent this much money with me over the years, I think I would have been in more constant contact with him.  For someone spending that much with my company, I’d like to make sure he knows I appreciate it.”

Make sure your customers know you appreciate them, especially your best customers.

That is the point of this post.  Customers spend money with us because they have a need.  That money keeps us in business.  In return, we need to do our very best to show them that we appreciate them and value the revenue that we bring into our business.  If we don’t do that, they will likely be lured away by our competitor who has figured out how to treat them well and deliver better service.

Your customers feel it when you forge relationships with them and deliver the best customer service.

As it turns out, this particular customer that I contacted expressed this very concern.  He knew that he was receiving a good product and getting decent service, but his exact words to me were “For as much money as I spend with XYZ Company, I would think that they would be going out of their way a little bit more for me.  They don’t really do much more than what I expect as far as developing a relationship with me.”

Remember, customers are not buying your product or service.  They are buying the relationship you promise them.  For help in delivering excellent customer service, click here.

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