New Year = New Customer Service Skills & Culture!

Happy New Year! Happy New Year!

Now that 2009 is a year to remember and 2010 is upon us, my question to you is – What are you going to do differently to engage your customers in 2010?

The smart and successful businesses that kept themselves in the black last year realized that customer service skills and training were vital to their customer satisfaction and customer retention levels.

Your customers are vital to your business sustainability and it is important to understand what your customers are looking for and to deliver it directly to them.

Many things, such as the attitudes displayed by your staff toward your customers, the focus on the customer, the feedback and communication channels you provide, can develop and improve your customer relationships and loyalty.

This year, you’ll see many new changes on this site all geared toward Transforming the Customer Experience – a membership area launching in March that will be filled with content to help you develop a customer centric culture, improve customer service skills, assist you in developing profitable relationships with your customers, training videos, and much much more.  You’ll also find some guest bloggers who are as passionate about customer service as I am.

Please be sure to comment on posts and to contact me with any areas in customer service that you would like to see covered and I will make sure it is done.

I wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Remember to focus on your customers to provide the best customer experience possible.

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