Make Your Customers Happy by Helping Out in a Bad Situation

To continue the story of the extended Vegas stay……….

Upon discovering that we had missed our plane check in time and could not get on either of the two later flights that evening, my husband and I were both pretty irritated. I had two regular client meetings that had to be rescheduled and my kids had to miss some of their activities.

Then, it occurred to us that we during our stay at the Venetian, we had a special rate. The normal rate was $350 per night, but we had a special deal of $99 per night special weekend rate. We were nervous that we would not be able to get that same rate and be out a pretty sizeable sum of money.

When we contacted the Venetian to see if they could extend the stay at the same rate, they were more than happy to extend the rate for us due to the circumstance. Their good customer service came through at all levels. They even made us feel better by saying “We are sorry that you are having to extend your stay, but we are so happy that you wanted to come back to us.” That was a nice thing to add to help us feel a bit better about the situation. By designing good service into their processes, it gaves a feeling of value and appreciation.

Upon arriving at the hotel, they made it even nicer by saying “Welcome back! We’re glad to have you an extra night.”

Luckily for us, it turned out to be our most enjoyable night there. We had time to dine in the restaurant, stroll through the shops, play a little while in the casino, and just take our time. The next morning, the server in the restaurant recognized us and welcomed us back as well. She said that she was sorry that we were inconvenienced, but was happy that we sat in her section again.

The good service that we experienced at the Venetian helped ease the frustration of the situation immensely. Needless to say, our customer satisfaction with our stay was very high and we have both told many people about our experience there. When you make your customers happy, you are doing a lot to increase the referrals that you existing customers are happy to pass along.

2 Replies to “Make Your Customers Happy by Helping Out in a Bad Situation”

  1. Perfect service execution by the Venitian!

    It sounds like some great training and friendly hiring has given them a first-class customer-focused staff.

    On the surface they “lost” $250 by continuing to give you the discounted rate, but 1) their marginal cost is well below $99, 2) you spent additional money in the restaurant, 3) you told all your friends this story, 4) you wrote the story for the blogosphere, and 5) Where will you stay the NEXT time you’re in Vegas? 🙂

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