Keep the CRM Techonology Personal for Highest Customer Loyalty

I recently did a podcast with Blake Landau from Customer Management IQ.  The topic was CRM software in call centers.

The conversation really focused on the fact that many CRM software programs are very effective at managing the technical aspects of how customers do business with us.  The programs have improved customer satisfaction levels for many businesses that have taken an active approach to develop customer loyalty programs and to strengthen the customer relationship.

My focus with clients using any CRM system is to be sure that the personal touch is still maintained.  The customer is buying the relationship we are promising them.  They can buy our products and services anywhere, so the focus is the emotion that they feel when they are interacting with us.  The bank teller who has all sorts of data collected regarding a customer is not going to develop the relationship with the customer as the one who gives three of the same colored lollipops to the parents who do their banking with their kids in the car, or the one who asks about the latest family vacation, or the one who engages in a few moments of real conversation with the customer.  These are the things that customers want. They want the good feeling that results from the genuine interaction, engagement, and personal interest.

Call centers are somewhat at a disadvantage since they rarely have the opportunity to develop long term relationships with their customers.  They still do have the opportunity to be the positive aspect in the interaction based on their engagement with the customer during their conversation.  They need to have the skills necessary in any relationship – communication, empathy, relatability, and a genuine desire to best help the customer.  These can all be easily achieved in a single phone contact.  I know this is true because it happens to me from time to time. When I receive good customer service from a call center, I make a point to compliment the representative on how nicely they handled my call and that they seem to enjoy helping me.

To listen to the podcast, please click here.  I’d appreciate any feedback and questions that you have.

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  1. Good points on keeping the human element in CRM and using to build relationships. Call centers need to use good CRM technology.

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