Informed Teams Result in Happy Customers!

The best way to have your team members and associates truly be able to answer questions from your customers is to have them experience, use, and taste your products and services.  This way, they will be giving the customer information that they are looking for from the perspective of the user.

The topic for this post came up the other day as I was eating in a restaurant with a client.  I asked the server about a menu item.  She was very polite when she informed me that she had not ever had the dish in question.  She did say that serveral other diners ordered it often and enjoyed it.

This lead to a discussion with my client about how important it is for those within our company to know as much as possible about each product and service.  Customer service training should include training in our services and products we are providing. For example, in a restaurant, the servers should eat every single menu item so that they are able to tell the diners how things taste and are prepared.  Associates in a home improvement store should be well versed in the producst they are selling so that they may be able to tell the customers which ones will best suit their project needs.  Isn’t it frustrating when you go into a store and ask a question and the associate picks up the box and starts reading it?  I can do that myself.

Customers want to get information from those that should know the products and can explain the benefits and drawbacks.  This will build the rapport with the customer and make them happy that they are not just taking a shot in the dark.  Good customer service and csutomer satisfaction comes from truly serving the customer by proving them the information they are looking for from an informed perspective.

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