Increase Your Customer Satisfaction Levels! SMILE!!

A smile is a universally known and understood gesture.  It transcends all languages and cultures.

It speaks loudly to your customers and increases your customer satisfaction levels significantly.  Just this one simple gesture makes customers feel at ease in your environment.  It will also brighten the mood of your associates.

I notice all of the salespeople and receptionists who miss the opportunity to build a deeper rapport with me by not smiling or making eye contact.  Once I point this out in my presentations, people readily identify with the fact that it is such a simple gesture that makes such a difference.

Have your office, store, or organization make it a friendly competition to challenge themselves to make their first gesture with each customer a genuine smile.  You’ll be amazed at how happy your customers will be to see this.  They will ask better questions, be more receptive to help and advice, and customer satisfaction levels will increase.

At the very least, you will feel a bit better yourself, and that is something to smile about!

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