Improve Customer Satisfaction by Getting to Know Your Customers

There are two main reasons for getting to know your customers. Many businesses are thrilled for the sale and make that happen easily, then move on to the next customer. Here are my two reasons why it’s essential.

It’s Good Business

You need to find out who your customers are to make sure you are tapped into their needs. You need to get to know your customers on a more personal basis to find out how they use your product or service. Make it a common practice to get to know your customer’s names, their function in their company, what their challenges are, what they feel they do well, etc. What benefits do they receive by using your product. What is their business model and how do you fit into that? How do they earn the money to pay for your product or service?

By asking your customers these questions, you’ll determine how to best serve them and make sure they are buying the most appropriate products from you and using them correctly.

An additional benefit to you is that your customers will feel that you truly are engaged with them and are looking out for them. They’ll know that you want to help them be at their best in their world. You’ll have an advantage over your competition because most businesses are so set on the “next customer” that they neglect their current ones.

It’s the Right Thing to Do

I truly feel that getting to know the people who keep you in business by spending their money with you is the right thing to do. When people give you the gift of new and continued business, they do so by choice. Smart companies recognize that people are more discerning in their purchases and are more likely to continue doing business with those that value them.

Remember, customers make their buying decisions based on emotion and them back them up by logic. Get to know them personally and forge a relationship with them based on trust and the fact that you made a point to get to know them.

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  1. Hi Kristina. In most stores I do like to find my chosen product, pay and get out, but along the way if a staff person asks “How can I help you?” or relates having used the same product in a few words, a momentary relationship has started and my rush to the exit is pleasingly halted. It’s not the cashier that should ask, but someone on the floor, if the store particularly understands the value of it. There are many, like Apple and Cracker Barrel, who always have people in the right places. We can learn from them.

    Frank M. says:

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