Help Your Customers – Increase Their Loyalty and Customer Satisfation

Overflowing basketPlease tell me that you’ve done what I did yesterday….  I went in to the supermarket to just pick up a gallon of milk, some eggs, and a loaf of bread.  But, when I passed the chips ailse, I picked up some that were on sale, a bag of apples, three cartons of yogurt, and a block of cheese.  Notice that no where in here have I mentioned that I actually got a cart.  My basket was already overflowing as I went down the frozen food ailse to get some frozen vegetables.  I do this quite frequently, intending to get only a few things, but then stop for impulse purchases or remember something esle we need at home.

Thankfully, I happened to shop at D&W yesterday and thier slogan is “D&W- A Nicer Place to Be”  Well, yesterday it really was a “Nicer Place to Be” because as I was headed down the freezer ailse, one of their associates saw me starting to struggle with my already too full basket.  He immediately came up to me and said “You look like you bit off a bit more than you intended.  Please let me get you a shopping cart to make this easier for you.”  He then took my basket out of my hands, asked me to wait a moment, and then came back with all of my groceries now placed in a cart wheeling toward me.  He then asked me if there was anything else that I needed.  I asked where the artichoke hearts were.  Instead of just gestering me in a general direction, or telling me which ailse they were on, he walked me over three ailses and helped me find them.

This was a welcome example of excellent customer service. Just by taking a literal burden off of my hands and literally providing me with a better solution without having to ask for it, this gentleman earned my customer loyalty.  The prices at this particular supermarket do tend to run a little bit higher than the mega store in town, but when I have customer service like this, I can certainly justify spending a bit more because the service sells itself.

He practiced perfect customer service.  He identified a situation that could use some help, he approached me in a friendly and non-condescending way, took my basket and made the trip to the cart station himself, and walked me to where my next purchase was located.  The best part, he figured all of this out on his own and I did not have to ask for any help at all.

By simply using these customer service techniques, this store has very high levels of customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and retention.  Thier cultural mindset is certainly one that is customer centric and providing service excellence.

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