Got an Attitude About Customer Service?

Are you thinking that good customer service is a lost art these days? Many people do. I’ve found one thing that seems to be the sole driving factor as to whether or not good customer service is delivered to the satisfaction of customers – attitude. The attitude and work ethic of today’s workforce is essential. We notice it to the point that great attitudes in customer service are so infrequent that they stand out in a field of mediocrity.

Yesterday in my local newscast, there was a story about new job openings coming within a specific organization which happened to be for lower paying jobs.  Nonetheless, there were many people lined up for applications.

The director of the hiring organization recognized that these would be mainly supplemental income positions for most people and that not much work experience was necessary because he was certain that the necessary skills could be trained.  He did however state that the new hires had two important qualifications – good work ethics and the right attitude.

The Right Attitude Makes for Great Customer Service

When he said this, it reiterated the point to me about how much of customer service lies within the attitude we choose to have.  Regardless of the position listed on our business cards and titles of folks within our organizations, we are all in customer service because we are all serving the needs of the customer, either directly or indirectly.

The attitude which we choose to adopt will make the process that much easier or more challenging.  When we choose the attitude of working in the best interest of the customer at all times, it benefits everyone because the customers are happier with what we provide them.  When customers are happy and easier to work with, it makes life easier on our staff and more positive overall.  I truly believe that people can choose the attitude they have and that we become more positive ourselves when we know that we are helping customers in such a manner that they are happy that we were the ones they dealt with in that interaction.

I had an experience this exact concept that I blogged about last year. We do have the power to choose our attitudes and anyone acting directly with the customer is responsible to make the right choice of attitude.  The gentleman in charge of hiring these new front line positions has already made the conscious decision that he isn’t going to be hiring just warm bodies to fulfill the job requirements, but he’s going to be making the right hiring decision by hiring those with attitudes congruent with his desire to have happy customers because they were delivered excellent customer service.

What are your thoughts in how much attitude is a choice and reflects the level of service delivered?

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