Give Customers What They Ask For and Increase Your Service

Some businesses are wondering what they can do to increase their profits and increase their customer satisfaction levels.   K&M Foods smartly acted on requests that were coming in from customers.  An article in The News Dispatch based in Michigan City, Indiana describes how one business is listening to what the customer wants and literally delivering it to them.

Ali Ibrahim, the owner of K&M Foods and Al Tokoly, general manager, got a call from a customer inquiring about home delivery of groceries.  Soon, more and more customers began calling asking to have their groceries delivered.   So, the store began doing exactly what the customers asked them to do – they started a service for home delivered groceries.  This service helps out customers with varying needs – from those with medical conditions that are unable to shop for themselves, to those who simply don’t have the time and are willing to pay for it.

Tokoly said the service has helped the store develop a continuously loyal customer base.  The feedback is telling them they are providing a much sought after service.

“We know people by their first name,” he said. “If you treat customers the way you’d like to be treated, they’ll keep the doors swinging.”

Lesson to be learned – listen to what your customers are asking and telling you.  They will tell you what they want from you.  If you deliver it, you will build a loyal customer base and increase your customer service and satisfaction levels.  In the end, both your bottom line and your customers will thank you for it.

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