Give a little, get a LOT of Customer Satisfaction

My family and I are busily packing for our annual trip to Cancun.  We both like to have watches with us when we travel to make sure we meet up on time.  Since I use my iPhone as my clock, I don’t wear watches anymore and found that my watch battery was dead.  Today is President’s Day, all of the places we would normally go to are closed for the holiday or just closed on Mondays.  My husband happened to drive by a jeweler that was open and my husband asked told them of our rush and plans and asked if they could replace the batteries.  Imagine his surprise when the jeweler handed him both watches, but only charged him for one battery.  My husband pointed out the mistake, but the jewler told him “I’m just happy that I made your day easier and wanted to give you a little “Trip Bonus.”  Have fun and enjoy!”

So, guess where we are going to be getting ALL of our jewelry and watch repairs done from now on?  A little extra effort and customer service goes a LONG way to increase your customer satisfaction!

One Reply to “Give a little, get a LOT of Customer Satisfaction”

  1. First off… a little jealous about Cancun, but I’ll get over that. Secondly, I must so totally agree with you about how such a seemingly small thing can create amazing customer loyalty! Have fun!

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