Get to Know Your Customer’s Use for Your Product or Service

One of the easiest traps that businesses fall into today is that they have a product or service to sell and think that customers will fit into their mold.

However, they have it completely backwards.

Consumers today don’t want to fit into anyone’s mold and want services and products that will fit their needs, not the other way around.

When addressing product and service components, ask your customers what they think.  Ask them what they look for in the service or product.  How will they use it?  How will it make their life easier?  How long do they plan on using it?  What will they accomplish with it?  

Your customer is your best focus group.  By asking them, you will find out what services or features will be the most utilized and which can be eliminated.

By doing this simple research, your product or service will fit the needs of your target audience through the most candid and direct input resource available – Your Customer!

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