“Friendliness” Ranks High for Customer Satisfaction

When making hiring decisions within your organization, be sure to consider the “friendliness factor.”

Customers make their purchasing decisions based on how they feel.  When they are developing relationships with their service and product supplies, a person who smiles, is inviting, and is easy to talk to ranks high in the preferred qualities that customers list.  Be aware that the “Friendliness Factor” is not always something you can train for.  It really is based on the personality of the associates we hire.

This mentality is based on the premise that we place a lot of trust in our friends.  If we translate this into the business world, the customers who are treated as “friends” by our staff that is “friendly” are much more likely to do business with us rather than our competitors, who view them simply as a “customer.”

Remember that the number one reason cited almost 70% of the time as the main reason for leaving a business is solely based on the customer experience.  It’s just plain and good customer service to be nice and friendly.  Our “friendliness” is responsible for successful and sustainable relationships that not only exceed the expectations of our customers, but increase our profits as well.

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