Even with technology and data, the human touch is critical

In a recent article by Joseph Michelli,  the benefits of being able to anticipate the needs of the customer and providing an exceptional experience were covered.  

The case was made that a company can have all of the data and technology in the world, but what distinguishes the successful companies is the customer experience.  In this article, the Ritz-Carlton Hotel was held as one of the highest standards most companies strive toward.  

The hotel goes so far as to provide the favorite snacks and magazines of its guests, but also when it “selects” (not hires) their staff.  The newly selected staff members were treated to their favorite snacks and juices during their orientation.

When a company goes to these lengths, it is clear that the needs of all customers are considered, both internally and externally.  

Though data and technological feedback is extremely useful, the sure fire way to ensure customer satisfaction, customer retention, and customer loyalty is to put the needs of customer first, anticipate those needs, and to adopt a cultural mindset that will deliver the best customer service experience possible, no matter what.  Only by the human element will the extra mile be traveled to make the customer know that you care.  Customers really don’t care that much about your product or your service.  They can basically find the same thing you provide at your competitor.  What they do care about is how they feel when they are in your business or in your care.  That is where the difference is made and what separates the successful companies.

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