Establishing Superior Customer Service is a PROCESS, not an Event

In speaking with many companies, I am frequently told “Oh, we have customer service under control. We put our staff through training when they are hired. We even have training programs that we occasionally have for our staff. They really enjoy those events.”

Holding Customer Service Training Programs for your staff is an excellent idea and the best way to reinforce the customer service mindset for your organization. But don’t lose sight of a crucial truth…… Establishing Superior Customer Service is a PROCESS, not an Event.

Customer service is the lifeblood of your business, no matter what product or service that you offer. Customer service situations need to be reviewed at every possible opportunity, preferably a staff or unit meeting. Focus on a few issues at each meeting.

When looking at situations that did not go smoothly, review them and look at other ways it could have been handled. Has the initial problem been resolved? Do you need to educate your customers regarding new procedures? How can this situation be prevented in the future?

Pay particular attention where things went well. What made it go so well? Was it the particular employee or customer? How specifically did they address the situation? Did they have a special technique to listen to the customer? Are there other areas that you can apply these same techniques to?

In both cases, learn from the situations and find ways to carry that learning over to other areas of your organization.

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