Episode 65 – Remember the Customer in Your CX Work


You have the best of intentions in providing a product or service your customers will be happy with.

Remember everything – absolutely everything – must be considered from the perspective of the customer.

When considering a new process or change, put yourself in the customer’s shoes and ask yourselves…

    • Will they perceive it as a positive or a negative?
    • Will it require change or more effort on the customer‚Äôs part?
    • What will the customer think of this?

You need to know who your customers are…

    • What demographic are they?
    • What is their goal that requires them to need or use your product?
    • When and how would they use your product or service?
    • What is their frustration with similar products or services or your competition?
    • How will this improve the process of getting to their goal?
    • How will we or this product make their world better?

Again РThese questions are only a starting point to discussion. Make no assumptions on behalf of your customers.

Get the answers from your actual customers using…

    • Surveys
    • Focus groups
    • Customer visits in their “natural habitat”
    • Journey map

Execute your new plan based on insights and goals as given by your customers.

Get feedback

Make adjustments where necessary

Rinse and repeat.

Always, always, always engage with your customers to understand what they are thinking, feeling and doing along the journey of using your product and working with your company. Their experience becomes your brand promise.

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