Episode 62 – Treat Your Customer Service Representatives Like Royalty

Customer Self Help options and channels are on the rise –

  • Studies suggest that as many  as 76% of customers prefer  “Self-Service” options
  • It provides convenience, self-  pacing, research, comparisons,  discussion, etc.
  • There are bots, online portals,  chats, FAQ’s, more and more  options developed every day.

Human Connection is key –

  • Customers call for support  when they hit a roadblock,  have a question, need help,  are upset or frustrated
  • Most of the calls or tickets  that CSR’s get will be fixing  a problem

Keep in Mind –

  • CSR’s in companies are  engaging with customers not at their “Best Selves.”
  • They’ve tried to do it on their own and got stuck.
  • The CSR is going  to bear the brunt of the  customer frustration.

Customer Service Representative (CSR) Burnout is Real

According to the 2016 US Contact  Center Decision Makers’ Guide from  ContactBabel.com – the Average  Annual Turnover Rate for a  Customer Service Representative  (CSR) was 29% – an “Average  Lifespan” for a Call Center worker in  the USA of approximately 3.3 years.

Treat Your CSRs Like Royalty

  • They bear the brunt of the  customer frustration
  • They are the bearer of bad news  and the messenger is shot
  • They have the opportunity to  engage with the customer like no  one else can in the heat of the  moment
  • They can present the Moment of  Wow

Offer More Than Enough Support to Your CSRs

  • How to handle upset customers with words and phrasing
  • Training on products and services offered by your  company
  • Training on all of the “Self Service” portals
  • Training on who are the “Go To’s” for various products,  issues, areas of expertise, etc
  • Focus on proactive and preventative strategies depending  on your industry

Boot Camp Training…

  • 15 Minutes once or twice a  week
  • Focused training on one  product or service
  • Listen to Teach to others
  • Record for new hires and  reference

Measure Value Perception to Customers

  • Get rid of call volume and call time as KPI’s
  • Recognize and celebrate success of  individuals and the team as a whole
  • Practice Voice of Customer internally with  your CSR’s
  • Engage your CSR’s to identify metrics  relevant to truly helping the customer/caller

Make Your Support Center the Best Place to Work in Your Company

  • Have some fun!
  • Rotate and cross-train for all  communication channels your  company offers
  • Incentivize ideas for improvements  and engagement
  • The smallest things make the  biggest difference
  • Don’t Skip the Struggle – Embrace  and celebrate challenges and  failures

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