058 – Foundation Bricks of Customer Experience


To be successful in your CX efforts, the initial experience the customer has, the promised relationship, and the actual experience all need to match. The magic is in the masterful execution.

The experience you deliver is your brand promise.

Forrester states in their 2011 State of the Customer Experience Report that 86% of firms surveyed are focusing on CX as a strategic initiative for their company. 68% of those want to stand out in their industry for CX and 13% want to be known for their CX regardless of industry.

Consumers in both B2B and B2C make their buying decisions based on emotion and them back it up with logic.

The Ease of Doing Business is more important now than ever before. The entire buying process and lifecycle must be examined.

Four Foundational Bricks must be in place to increase success.

  1. Leadership Effectiveness
  2. Employee Engagement
  3. Customer Satisfaction
  4. Business Results

Consider the way you want customers to think and feel about your company and they way you work with customers.