Episode 56 – Expert Shaun Belding Shares His Insights to Improve CX Success

Shaun Belding is a leading global expert and speaker on customer experience, leadership and building positive workplaces. He is the bestselling author of six books, published internationally in 12 languages. This includes his latest, The Journey To WOW: the path to outstanding customer experience and loyalty.

Shaun is CEO of The Belding Group of Companies, which provides high-level consulting to organizations looking to improve their customer experience and award-winning training in customer service and leadership.


In this episode, Shaun shares that CX has become the differentiator in business. Price and product are no longer the main decision makers. It’s all in the value of the experience to the customer now.

Shaun suggests that companies stop measuring the outcomes and start measuring the means to those outcomes. When companies chase profits, the means to the profits become cloudy. Measure the things that get you there to see real changes.

Most companies grossly overestimate their delivered Customer Experience. Shaun says that leaders have an idea in mind, but that is so rarely the actual experience of the customers.

Defining the CX goals and outcomes is crucial to any CX endeavor. Shaun gives examples being as specific as possible to show both progress and return on investment.

We discussed why so many companies feel they don’t see improvements or success in their CX efforts. He feels this is truly due to not being strategic in the approach and focusing only on quick fixes. Companies must be determined to see the effort through some of the longer projects which requires leadership, accountability, and time. But the payoff is truly there.

One point Shaun feels is most important is that everyone within the company get involved with customers. Understanding what customers think and feel about working with your company is huge.

After listening to this podcast, Shaun encourages senior level executives to pick up the phone and call three customers a week and speak with them about the company, their products, working with them or whatever the customer wishes to share. That insight will be literal gold in helping your organization improve.

To connect with Shaun or learn more about him, you can find him at the links below…

TWITTER: @ShaunBelding

LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shaunbelding/

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/people/Shaun-Belding/100000696262082

BLOGS: https://www.shaunbelding.com/customer-service-blog/



The Journey to WOW – the path to outstanding customer experience and loyalty

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