Episode 54 – Which Comes First – the CX or the EX?

Shownotes… Which comes first – the CX or the EX?

CX is all about focusing on the Customer and the way they feel about the myriad of touchpoints and interactions they have while working with your company.

But so much attention is also being paid to the EX as well.

You have to treat your teams as well as – if not better than – the external customer. They have to feel the love in order for them to sell the love.

An article in inc.com details the employee focus that Tom Feeney, CEO of Safelite, the largest supplier of vehicle glass repair in the country. Over the past 12 years, Tom and his team have been undergoing a cultural transformation with their more than 15,000 associates that has enabled them to go from a $500 million to $2 billion dollar business. They’ve also quadrupled their profits over the same time period, and increased their net promoter score to 88.

And Tom Feeney bases all of that success on the focus they’ve put on the employee experience. The company has made intentional efforts to deliver an exellent experience to it’s workforce and giving staff the tools and training they need to deliver  the desired customer experience.

He states – “We don’t take actions to increase market share, we don’t take actions to increase sales. We take actions to make the associate experience and the customer experience better, and trust that those two things will turn into better results.”

The company strongly believes that by focusing on the people inside of the company first, it makes every other aspect of running the company easier which results in a superior customer experience.

The CEO feels so strongly about this that he calls out those companies that let their financials be their guidance system are making a huge mistake.

“It’s those businesses who make decisions on the P&L that make the mistakes. We trust the P&L is going to be fine. Take care of your people, they’ll take care of the customers. The rest will take care of itself.”

So, your next step is to get back in the office and start some conversations with your staff, take some pulse surveys, have your supervisors meet with their staff and ask – what do you need, what would you like, what would make you happier about coming into work everyday?

Take care of your staff and they’ll take care of your customers.

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