Episode 49 – The Impact of a Chief Customer Officer or Director of Customer Experience

Are You Considering Hiring a Chief Customer Officer or Director of Customer Experience?

Ask your leadership team if it is time to have one person or team designated to oversee the progress of the Customer Experience work you have undertaken…

  • Is there a specific person leading and clarifying what you are to do for your customers? The CCO would be instrumental in uniting leadership and the entire company in combining your established company purpose and clarify it’s impact on what you are trying to do WITH and FOR your customers.
  • Do you have clear processes to clarify and guide your overall Customer Experience strategy? With so many silo driven priorities, the CX unification can get lost in the shuffle. The CCO will guide the establishment of clear processes and guidelines to unite the leaders and company.
  • Is there clarity on how to identify customer priorities, the work to be done, and tracking and measurement of progress? The CCO – with a representative from each department – will establish that plan of action for customer priority work and establish how the progress will be tracked and monitored.
  • Do you have specific KPIs or metrics everyone understands as it relates to CX? The CCO will be the one to lead the charge to tie it all back to the money and customer retention. 
  • Does each department – and everyone within those departments – understand and embrace their roles and responsibilities within the CX? The CCO will be instrumental in creating a collaborative clarity around departmental roles and goals in the overall CX and enable every individual to understand their personal impact
  • A key point here is the CCO connects the head and the heart of individuals to the overall purpose of the company with the CX work. This brings purpose, engagement, deliberateness, and meaning to both individuals and organizations.
  •  Does everyone know the progress of the projects taken on in the past year and their success, failure, or impact? The CCO becomes a deliberate and consistent liaison for the company and customers to be aware of, understand, and become part of all the work being done internally and externally to improve the customer experience.

The CCO is not to be solely responsible for the execution of all CX initiatives, but is the uniting force to connect all of the dots behind the scenes to deliver a consistent and reliable customer experience your customers WANT to repeat again and again, with your company.

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