Episode 47 – How to Best Respond to Customer Feedback


Customer Experience is taken to a higher level when based on customer feedback and engagement.

Review sites allow customers to engage and comment like never before.  CX leaders are now faced with a question many aren’t sure how to answer.

“Should I respond to positive and negative customer feedback? If so, is there a best way to do so?

Yes, absolutely respond to feedback whenever possible.

Suggested responses…

Positive online reviews – “ We are so happy it was a great event for you! Thanks for your comment. We appreciate it.”

Potential and existing customers seeing responses online notice that someone in your company is taking time to view feedback online and considering it.

Respond to negative comments…

Respond to with deliberateness.

Remember that folks are looking online for reviews. They’ll see the negative ones and decide for themselves if it holds any weight or is a concern for them. But they’ll ALWAYS notice if there is a response and how it was handled.

Craft your response to show professionalism, engagement, and intent to fix if possible.

“Thank you for letting us know things didn’t go as you expected. We always do our best to make our customers happy they chose us, but sometimes we miss the mark. Please accept our sincere apologies for your disappointment. Can you please send us your contact information to feedback@ourcompanyname.com so we may reach out to your personally to find a solution? We’d like to see if there is a way for us to regain your trust. We will also be sure to consider your feedback to prevent this situation from happening again to you or any of our customers.”

If your company made a mistake or fell short, then apologize and own it. If the customer has unknowingly messed things up, you can still apologize and give them grace.

“We are so sorry for the frustration you are having. We completely understand. This isn’t how we want any of our customers to feel and we’d really like the chance to help with a solution.”

Fault and blame are not taken by the company, yet not put in the face of the customer. It’s simply a company doing the right thing by trying to solve for a solution together.

Responding to feedback shows customers you value them, their perspective, and their feedback. Trust is built through your response.  Trust builds customer loyalty.

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