Episode 36 – Building the Right CX Team


The majority of your Customer Experience works falls on the shoulders of the people you put in charge of the CX Transformation of your organization. The success depends on putting the right people on that team to spearhead your efforts.

Components of a successful CX Team…

They truly embrace CX as a concept and are passionate about making a difference in the lives of their customers.

They must clearly understand the specific benefits and goals of your desired CX to be delivered to your customers.

They must be self-motivated and self-directed to carry this work forward. As such, all of their efforts must be fully supported and encouraged by Leadership.

The team must be data driven to understand the changes in consumer buying patterns and behavior, yet emotionally driven to connect with customers on a personal level to get the stories behind the data fluctuations.

As with culture, the team must be unified in their purpose and fit well together, yet not be clones and of the same perspective. They need to challange each other from the perspectives of the data and the emotions of the customers.

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