Episode 35 – Tips to Successfully Onboard Your Customers

Shownotes : Plan Your Customer Onboarding – Leave Nothing to Chance

The way you onboard your new customers sets the tone for the entire customer lifecycle.

Simply determining the way you want your customers to first feel when working with your company and planning the interactions in the first stage of working with your company sets you up for success and likely puts the customer’s mind at ease.

Select the appropriate time frame for onboarding – one month, one quarter, six months, one year – and list the interactions the customer is likely to have during this time frame.

At a high level, outline how you’d like the interactions and process to work. Then do your best to map out how it actually presents in reality. Have customers validate this whenever possible.

Pay attention to the interactions from the customer’s experience of…

  • Delivery and installation of product or software
  • Introduction to staff and contact personnel
  • Frequently Asked Questions sheet / Quickstart Guide
  • Phone numbers for key personnel or departments
  • First billing cycle – clear, concise, clean with explanation
  • First time calling in for support or maintenance

Idenitfy gaps between the ideal process and reality. Made adjustments or improvements where possible.

Form a plan to enhance or improve with a timeline and accountability.

In six months to one year, revisit to review new needs.

Consider feedback for improvements. Avoid making changes based on small sample or single complaint. Validate the need for change before implementing corrections.

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