Episode 34 – Understand Customer Experience First to Disrupt for CX Changes

Episode 34 Shownotes: Understand Customer Experience First to Disrupt for CX Changes.


CEO’s, C-Suite and Leadership Teams seem to understand the high-level vision of CX, yet miss out on the concept of how it specifically applies to their own companies and what it would look like.

  • Many executives and leadership teams verbally embrace the concept of change or progress, the psychological phenomenon of change resistance kicks in.
  • As humans, we do what is comfortable. We keep doing the things that have always worked for us in the past.
  • Customer experience needs to be clearly defined and explained. As a concept, the benefits, the steps involved and the end game. What will it look like in your company?
  • Explain it by talking about it and WALKING that talk. 
  • Leadership Book clubs – pick a CX book – (See links below)…Outside In, Chief Customer Officer 2.0, The Journey to Wow **Links to books below**
  • Hire a consultant or trainer to outline the concept and perhaps begin to guide your company in the beginning.
  • This is where change comes in.
  • You must become comfortable with being uncomfortable.
  • We know that the big topics these days are about the companies that are disrupting the status quo of their industry.
  • Be that person in your company. Be that team. Challenge yourself. Challenge your company. They don’t write books about average companies or average things. It’s the notable things that make the difference.
  • But the point is that you have to start. You just have to decide to do it. Ultimately, you need to decide as a business leader, are you going to forever be happy with the status quo which will, eventually, turn into “old school” when the rest of your industry or peers are stepping up to drive change based on customer needs and desires?
  • CX is the fastest, easiest and least expensive way to stay ahead and be the “go to” of your target customer demographic.
  • While I’m a huge fan of tackling the low hanging fruit to get the motivation and momentum going, what separates the big dogs from the little ones are how willing are you to objectively look at and change the big impact points your customers experience?
  • Bringing this all together…
  • Understand that not everyone really understands what Customer experience is. I would recommend that you go back and listen to Podcast Episode 1 where I explain what Customer Experience is and isn’t.
  • Gain an understanding as a C-suite and Leadership team as to what Customer Experience is and what big picture ideas you have as to what it would mean to your own business, teams, and customers.
  • Pick up one of the books mentioned (listed below), hire me or another expert to share with your leaders and entire company what CX is all about and specifically what it would look like in your company and what benefits you’ll see as you progress in your efforts.
  • Then… get comfortable being uncomfortable. Don’t just stay where you are and do the same things you’ve always done.
  • The natural inclination is to look at this question from inside out approach, from the priories of your departments. While those changes might be entirely appropriate, wouldn’t it be nicer to change things you know are important to your customers?

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