Episode 31 – A Clear Plan for Huge Impact in Your 2019 CX Efforts

Shownotes: #31 – New Year, New Role, New Focus

Phase 1 :

  • Get your own perspective
  • “Shop your company”
  • Talk to EVERYONE
    • Leadership – what role and influence they have on CX
    • Customers – Know who they are, why they need your product or service, what works, what doesn’t
    • Talk to Staff  – especially front facing staff. 
    • Departments and how they collaborate

All of this will help draw the picture you are trying to paint. You are trying to gain a solid understanding of what your company actually provides, the experience they WANT to deliver, and a high-level understanding of what your customers are ACTUALLY experiencing and where the gaps are.

Phase 2 :

  • You can now fill in a lot of why, cause, and effect in the overall CX. The WHY is what are you trying to the Value you bring to customers your competitors don’t.
  • The Tellable Story… 
    • It makes the WHY of your company relatable to your staff 

Share the Tellable Story and overall CX journey with everyone in the organization. You are the glue of your organization Jeanne Bliss calls her podcast the Human Ductape show and that’s exactly it. The CX journey is the reason FOR the work you are doing day in and day out.

Make sure each department knows how they contribute to the high-level journey.

  • Start Mapping the overall journey at a HIGH level to show the overview of the Customer Journey.

Phase 3 : Bringing it all together.

Start mapping. Take the biggest or most frequently experienced pain point in and start from there.

Take the customer feedback, have a customer give you insight and ideas into that specific pain point to promote solutions.

Be sure you are exploring all avenues for customer feedback and VOC.

Governance and accountability –

Gather an influencing group 5-8 folks who have the authority to make decisions and act to regularly meet to review feedback, map when necessary, make changes.

Send me an email with your questions about how to get started. Let me know what your challenges and struggles are to me at Kristina@KristinaEvey.com

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