Episode 27 – Does Your Culture Empower Great Customer Experiences?

Shownotes #27… Does Your Culture Enable and Empower the CX? 

Culture – it’s simply the way things are done within your organization. It’s the normal actions, behaviors, thoughts, and phrases that make your company or organization unique.

So does your culture enable and empower your CX or does it hinder it?

Is your team afraid of you? Are they afraid of stepping outside the lines/curbs/guidelines?

You might SAY you empower people, but how do you act when mistakes are made?

Do you and your organizational culture empower staff to deliver a remarkable CX, on the fly? by instinct?

An Olive Garden employee recently made the day of a customer when she distracted her toddler by feeding the child ice cream so the mom could enjoy a meal with her father. Read the story here.

The point is that this employee felt she could do that. She either knows personally how it is a crap shoot for a peaceful restaurant meal with a toddler, or she instinctively knew how stressful it could be.

Remember, the mom asked for a “To Go” box so they could eat in the car and not disturb other diners. The server said No. She said that SHE would feed the daughter so the mom could enjoy dinner with her dad.

That’s shocking. Most people, myself included in my early employment days, would likely have just helped the woman as graciously as possible and gotten her a “To Go” box. And that would have been fine.

But fine is rarely good enough. 

How to do this? It’s deliberate. Gather your Leadership Team and staff and ask…

What are the situations you know your staff wishes they could help customers? So take the time to check in with your self, your teams and look for ways your culture enables and empowers the CX.

What do you think is key to why this employee stepped in the way she did?

Please share your thoughts below…

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