Episode 26 – Start with the Customer Experience End in Mind


Start Where You Are and With the End in Mind.

That is my response when people ask me how to start their Customer Experience Transformation.

Just start. Don’t get overwhelmed.

Start with what you already have or is easily accessible.

Look at the customer feedback you’ve collected or received in the past year. Look at the data you have.

You don’t have to have lots of data… you don’t need any to start on CX, but you do need to start thinking about what data you’d like to have.

If you can’t gather it now easily, at least it is on your radar. The data is there somewhere, the tricky part may be in how to gather it. But that’s okay. 

The most relevant data are the stories customers tell you about how you make their lives wonderful or cause them to have headaches.

Keep in mind, the data will support the stories and vice versa. That’s why you need both. The data is the driver for change most of the time, but the stories keep it human.

And if you are stuck… Start with the End in mind.

How do you want to be known? What do you want it to be like for customers to work with you? What do you want customers to say about you to others? What do you want your efforts to produce – data and stories both count here. 

Your goals are likely to be increased sales, larger customer base, and increased customer retention.

If I were to ask you, given your product or service you offer today, and if anything is possible and guaranteed, what does your ideal customer experience look like? 

Start the conversation with… “How do you want to improve the world of your customer?”

Correlate that with efforts to track sales by month or quarter and if at all possible, talk to lost customers and find out what drove them away.

So start. Just start. The data is there. Starting data is there. you’ll learn which data is important to track over time once you start making small changes. You’ll see the impact.

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