Episode 25 – Customer Experience Needs a Seat at the Table


Customer Experience is not just another thing to do. CX is the reason WHY we do the work we do. We provide a product or service to our customers. We need to deliver an experience they want to repeat again and again, with us… not to competition.

Needs to be part of the business strategy. CX is fast becoming a strategic advantage for the successful companies that have stood the test of time.

You have sales, IT, marketing, HR departments… what about CX? All of these other depts are there to run the business and directly impact the customer. So why isn’t CX deserving of a seat at the table?

Consider CX in all strategic ventures…

Suppose you are in manufacturing. Priority is the newest greatest product? What happens when customers call in to buy or asking questions? You need to think through every stage of your product launch to ensure your staff can deliver a great experience when your customers call in with questions and want to buy.

Suppose you are merging or growing through acquisition. What is the CX impact? You must recognize that there will be changes in the transition. Think ahead for the existing customers of the company merging in and how smooth it will be for them.

In both of these examples, what is the customer impact? How have you planned what they will do, think, and feel about what is going on?

CX having a seat at the table ensures these things will be thought of in advance and prepared for.

Yes, there will still be issues and challenges, but SO many fewer than if left to chance.

No one has it all together. Just like families, there is a small amount of dysfunction everywhere, but smart companies (and families) talk. The leaders are in alignment. There is clarity in the big picture and how to lead the teams through the picture 

CX might be a department or a team of one depending on the size of your company. But by designating CX as equal to the others, that’s when you win.

CX isn’t there to add obstacles. CX is never going to tell you NOT to do something. It is the glue that holds all of the departments together in the overall focus of growing the business and making sure there are customers wanting to continue working with you.

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